Friday, July 31, 2009

The End of Eating Local

Well kids, I’m done with the Eat Local challenge, and celebrated with a blackberry milkshake. (For those of you who don’t know how to make milkshakes, plop a scoop of ice cream, a splash of milk, and some fruit or chocolate or both into a blender and turn on)
For those of you reading this for the benefit of my anthropology class, what have I learned:

Eating local is hard, but definitely doable given a little creativity
Denying myself chocolate is not a good idea
It is ridiculous how so much of what we eat not only comes from far away, but isn’t even marked by where it came from
Eating local isn’t super accessible, and also more expensive. The process has yet to be democratized.
Food is important to me in more than just nutritional value, but also in terms of shared cultural experiences that a lack of food caused me to deny several times.

On that note there is a really interesting (but really long, if you’re looking for the meaty stuff the deep anthropology side is on page 6, and health on page 7, but to be honest the whole build up of the argument has a lot of merit) article on how we’re not interested in cooking but eating. Sort of, its also a critique of the Food Network.

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