Sunday, November 28, 2010

On my way to...Cambodia!

That’s right, I’ve accepted a job in Cambodia and am moving to Phnom Penh.
I’m a little saddened that the sight of books in my carry-on (admittedly a lot of books), were so unfamiliar on the scanner that I had to get my bag searched. Despite that little mishap I’ve made it through airport security unscathed and am waiting for my flight to Cambodia! I have just one layover, in Seoul, and I’m worried that with only 55 minutes I’m cutting it too close, but hopefully things will work out. Excitedly, I also got a window seat!

I still don’t understand airlines policy of just one checked bag. Me and everyone around me has a tiny suitcase for the overhead bin, which means of course, that the overhead bin will be too full and we’ll just check our bags for free at the gate. And now for the 18 hours of flight time ahead of me I’m mostly looking forward to getting a nap. Although there appears to be a baby on this flight as well.

Goodbye cold weather, snow, and hello to heat in December.