Thursday, February 25, 2010

One month to go!

One month. On the 23rd I’ll be on a plane to Philly, and on the 26th I’ll have my staging. (They’re flying me out three days early without covering three days of hotels but I know to pick my fights carefully and I’m excited to explore the city of Brotherly Love) Which leads me to my next point, in less than a month I’ll be gone.
I mean, I started applying in January/late December of last year and I’ve known my invite for a little while now, but getting the packing list and now having a plane ticket, it’s a little overwhelming.
My current plan is to work my last day on the 12th, spend the 13th with my family here in Portland, and then head back to Seattle to stay with my sister the week before I leave. Which means I have a ton to do.
I’ve been online shopping like mad trying to get things ready. And I had my eye exam to get another pair of glasses, which was pain. My doctor was lovely, but after I had picked out a frame it took them over an hour to figure how to charge me. I’ve never worked so hard to spend so money. So much money that I don’t have.
There is also the matter of where I’m going to stay. I’d like to try couchsurfing, if any of you have experiences with it I’d love to hear it.
But overall, right now: One month! Madness!

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