Friday, February 5, 2010

A few questions

We got a questionnaire in an e-mail yesterday, which is pretty exciting. It was also a nice reminder of where exactly I’m going, as questions to match with a host family included how comfortable I was with outhouses, bathing once every ten days, and having to walk at least twenty minutes to get somewhere.
All of which I’m totally willing to do, though I may not smell so great. Part of the thrill of the Peace Corps for me is ending up in a totally different environment, and I’m used to be able to take the car (okay, I almost never drive and take the bus, but transport still!) everywhere, having indoor plumbing and taking a nice hot shower whenever I want.
The other questions were about my language learning style, and also if I was okay with not cooking (no!), and hovering. 2 months to go!

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