Sunday, August 1, 2010

Friendly Manitoba lives up to its slogan

Manitoba was amazing. We left this morning after being there for a wonderful 6 days. No WWOOF farm could host us, so we ended up staying with a friend of our first hosts who are building a sustainable house out of straw and clay. They already had the walls with the straw part up, but Nick and I sifted clay and then making plaster, and then applying the plaster to the walls. It was really interesting to see in progress and work with rather than just read about it in Dwell.

This family was so kind, they weren’t even signed up to deal with crazy WWOOFers and still took us in. The couple’s children who all mostly live in Winnipeg volunteered to show us around the city. Winnipeg is relatively tiny, but pretty charming. We walked around the historic area, took in some green juice at a vegan cafĂ©, wandered around the riverfront, and made dinner. Heading back to the country we wandered down to our trailer by the moonlight, and woke up to heavy fog. The house itself was in an undeveloped meadow covered with wildflowers , our hosts hope to take up beekeeping.

We stayed in a trailer on the riverfront part of the property, and ate tasty all from scratch food including sprouted wheat germ bread. Also, I got to see some buffalo!

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  1. Sounds like you are having a great time. I can not wait to see the rest of your pictures! I am looking forward to hearing more about the farm. We are not keeping chickens!Three large predators live at our house.