Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bear spray and other sundries

July 16th (will add in pictures with better internet later),

Tonight is our last night here at Ravencourt Bed and Breakfast, and I’m sad to be going. I’d highly recommend it for WWOOFers or vacationers. We’ve weeded and window washed but mostly have simply been fed well. Its nice working mornings and then lounging afternoons, hikes involve bringing a can of bear spray, which doesn’t work as repellent so much as pepper spray it would appear. Sadly, no bears in sight.

Tomorrow we cross the Rockies and head into Alberta, further East in Canada then I have ever been. Normally if I travel that direction its to another coast, and I’ve never stopped much in between. Even driving through Eastern Washington was a new surprise. Read a collection of Vonnegut’s short stories today and did a load of laundry that dried fast in the afternoon sun. Dinner was some scalloped potatoes and cheese and a tasty bit of ice cream sundae for dessert.

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